Nakoudo (or Matchmaker)

In this website, we are explaining about manners in Japan according to the item.

When is the Ochugen presented?
In modern days, most people do not present Ochugen on 15th July of the old calendar.
The greater part of people will present Ochugen by July 1st to July 15th on the solar calendar.
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In Japan, the ceremony of vigil over the body of dead person is called "Tsuya".
I think that the word tsuya have two meanings. The one is all night. And the other one is a meaning of night from which the soul departs this world.
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There are two types of modern Omiai as follows.
1st is one that the go-between brings the marriage proposal to both houses as well as old times.
Secondarily, the marriage guidance bureau or the marriage mediation enterprise hold the party for the member.
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What is the Nakoudo (matchmaker or go-between)?
Nakoudo (matchmaker) is the person that contract a marriage between the man and woman who hope to marry.
First of all, the matchmaker hands to both parties "the personal information form" and "the photograph". The photograph was taken to be given to a matchmaker.
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The package like this image is used for the present of Oseibo.
We call this package "noshi" or "noshigami" in Japanese.
The title of Oseibo is written on upper half of this package. And, a presenter's name is written on lower half of this one.
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There is a wedding of various types. Here we explains three types as follows.

1. Shinto-style wedding.

2. Church wedding (Christianity type wedding).

3. The wedding in the presence of others.
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