Nakoudo (or Matchmaker)

What is the Miai (Omiai or Meeting for marriage)?

Miai is japanese ceremony that mean the formal meeting with a view to marriage. If you want to marry, you will be formally introduced to a prospective marriage partner.(bride; bridegroom).

Recently the good point of the " miai " has been reviewed again .

1. What is the Miai (Omiai)?
2. What one is a modern Omiai (meeting with a view to marriage)?
3. The manner of Omiai.
What is the Miai (Omiai)?

In modern Japan, marriage partner could be found by free love.
However, the arranged marriage was a main current before.
It was thought that the house married the house.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the balance of the house was very important when the marriage will be connected.
In the above-menthioned, we said "house" instead of standing of a family and the status.
Recentry, goodness of the "Omiai (meeting with a view to marriage)" came to be reviewed again.
In busy daily life, the chance of meeting the lover decreases. Young people came to think the Omiai to be "One of the chances of meeting".
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What one is a modern Omiai (meeting with a view to marriage)?
There are two types of modern Omiai as follows.
>1st is one that the go-between brings the marriage proposal to both houses as well as old times.
Secondarily, the marriage guidance bureau or the marriage mediation enterprise hold the party for the member.
When you participate in the Omiai, you have to prepare "personal information form" called "Shinjosho".
In the personal information form, the following items are described.
Shinjosho (Personal information form)
You must describe each item of the following to " Shinjosho " .


2.Date of birth.
3.Registered domicile.
4.Present address.
5.Academic background.
9.Health condition.
(The height and weight might be described. )
10.The family's introduction
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The manner of Omiai.
In this chapter, we explain "Omiai" of the type that the go-between takes care of.

Special private room at the hotel, private room of restaurant, go-between's home, man's home, or woman's home are used as place of Omiai. The go-between reserves the hall and gets a room.
(1)Go-between, (2)man and his attendant, (3)woman and her attendant. The above-mentioned people gather in the meeting place.

"Nakoudo(Go-betweens)" arrive at the meeting with a view to marriage place most first.
When persons concerned arrive, the Nakoudo(go-between) receives it standing from the seat. The Nakoudo decides on seating plan. So, the Nakoudo show the persons into their seat.
First of all, the go-between introduces the woman to the man. Next, the man is introduced to the woman.
There are some rules on that day.
For instance... They doesn't boast about the relative.
Neither about past love's memories nor the number of past lovers are heard.
They doesn't hear other party's income and academic background.
The story of thought, politics, and the religion is not told.
The most important concern is whether he or she want to associate with the other party. The answer is not told directly to the other party, but told the go-between.
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